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Jonathan Jacobs is an uncontested divorce attorney in Orlando and practices law in all of Central Florida. He helps clients resolve their issues as efficiently and as cost-effectively as possible. Below, we have provided a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about how an uncontested divorce in Florida works. The answers to those questions often asked by our clients may offer some insight into how an uncontested divorce in Orlando FL is done. Read the questions and answers bwloe to learn some insights from an uncontested divorce attorney in Orlando FL.

  1. How much is the cost of an uncontested divorce in Orlando?

The cost of an uncontested divorce in Orlando FL is approximately the same as a contested divorce in Florida. The court charges the same fee for both, currently $408.00.

When a divorce is contested there may be additional court proceedings such as mediation and hearings on motions which increases lawyer’s fees.

Hiring an uncontested divorce attorney in Orlando can help you save on costs by avoiding extensive litigation.

2. How long does an uncontested divorce take in Florida?

Generally speaking, an uncontested divorce in Florida can take as few as 3-6 weeks in the State of Florida. How long an uncontested divorce in Orlando FL takes often depends on whether the court requires a final hearing for marital dissolution, or whether the parties may mail their proposed final judgment to the court along with their marital settlement agreement. The Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure require a waiting period of 20 days before the court sign a final judgment of divorce. Scheduling a hearing and undergoing court formalities can be time-consuming. An uncontested divorce attorney in Orlando can schedule a hearing for the parties and save you a great deal of time.

The parties are welcome to take as long as they need to resolve their issues if their divorce is uncontested and there is no need for an immediate dissolution.

Uncontested Divorce In Orlando FLAn uncontested divorce in Orlando, if done correctly, requires only one court appearance. The Petitioner is the party that must attend the final hearing, which takes approximately five minutes. The Respondent may file a waiver of appearance and does not need to appear unless ordered to by the court.

Depending on the jurisdiction in which spouses live, litigants can sometimes file for an uncontested divorce without having to appear in court. This means that all documents must be filed with the court, and your final pleadings must comply with the court’s requirements. If granted by mail, you will likely receive a copy of the final judgment for dissolution of marriage. Official copies are available with the local clerk’s office. An uncontested divorce attorney in Orlando can ensure your pleadings are accurate and ready for the court to approve. Preparing a memorandum for the court is important.

3. How do I file for an uncontested divorce?

Filing for an uncontested divorce can be done in person through the local clerk of court. First, prepare your divorce paperwork. Second, be sure you have filled out all required pleadings. Third, have the documents notarized that require a notary to ensure the court will accept your paperwork. Fourth, use the E-File Portal, hire an uncontested divorce attorney in Orlando, or go to the courthouse to file with the clerk. If you want to hire an attorney to guide you through your uncontested divorce in Orlando FL, call us today at 407-310-5636.

4. How Do I Get A Quick Divorce In Florida?

Spouses can obtain a “quick” divorce in Florida by agreeing on all issues and by providing the court with the correct pleadings. This is called an uncontested divorce. Often, hiring an uncontested divorce attorney in Orlando can make a significant difference in the time it takes to resolve your case.

Attorney Uncontested Divorce?

A divorce attorney in Orlando can be enormously helpful in working with spouses seeking an uncontested divorce. The parties may work together to reach a marital settlement agreement that can resolve all outstanding issues.

Jonathan Jacobs is an uncontested divorce attorney in Orlando and all of Central Florida that helps clients amicably resolve their differences to enable them to obtain an uncontested divorce in Orlando FL.

Orlando Uncontested Divorce Attorney

An uncontested divorce may be granted by a Florida family law court when the parties are in agreement on ALL issues in their family law case. Often, the Petitioner may choose to hire an Orlando uncontested divorce attorney to prepare their pleadings. The pleadings a family lawyer will generally prepare or require their client to prepare include: 1. a Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act Affidavit, 2. a Marital Settlement Agreement, 3. a Financial Affidavit, 4. a Notice of Social Security Numbers, 5. a Civil Cover Sheet, and 6. a Notice of Confidential Filing Within Court File. An uncontested divorce does not always stay that way. Often, the parties agree at the beginning on the provisions of their divorce agreement, but change their minds based on the poor and contentious behavior amongst themselves. Your divorce does not need to stay uncontested, though the cost to the litigants is likely much less in legal fees if their divorce does not go the route of the courthouse, mediation, hearings, and or trial.

Issues in an Uncontested Divorce

As an Orlando uncontested divorce attorney, it has been my experience that there is at least one major issue that requires a great deal of massaging and compromise. That issue could be an award of alimony (whether it be lump sum or over a period of time), the awarding or partition of a marital home, or the splitting of other assets such as the couple’s cars.

Hire an Orlando Uncontested Divorce Attorney

It is natural that a permanent separation after a period of years can bring the parties a great deal of stress, turmoil, or confusion. This is just another reason to hire an Orlando uncontested divorce attorney to be a negotiator and a sort of peacemaker between the parties. Let’s be brutally honest. If the parties were able to compromise and agree on their personal issues, they likely would not have separated. This sort of difficulty can be helped by hiring a family law attorney that is a seasoned legal professional capable of understanding the situation and making every effort to continue with an amicable divorce.