Uncontested Divorce Attorney Seminole County Florida

uncontested divorce attorney Seminole County Florida

Jonathan Jacobs is an uncontested divorce attorney Seminole County Florida that works closely with spouses seeking an amicable divorce. An amicable divorce can offer many benefits and positive outcomes for couples that prefer to resolve their differences on their own terms. One of the first steps in this process is filling out our client intake form. After you have filled out our Jacobs Law Firm’s introductory client intake form, the first phone consultation is free. We can schedule your phone call quickly and get you on our calendar. Why wait days or weeks when you need answers to your most pressing questions? Attorney Jonathan Jacobs is a divorce attorney Orlando and divorce attorney Clermont FL that provides family law consultations and legal services to valued clients. Call today to speak with us, 407-335-8113 or send us a confidential e-mail about your case admin@JJLawFL.com.

An uncontested divorce attorney Seminole County Florida can tell you that uncontested divorces are generally the best kind. Legal fees can be lower, spouses can take their time and get everything right without having to be under pressure at the courthouse, and best of all, it is (with a few mandatory court requirements) on YOUR mutual terms. Why would spouses with a working relationship want the judges or the lawyers to decide their parenting schedules or financial division of marital property? Uncontested divorces often result in less bitterness post-divorce and start a pattern of working together to resolve differences and to manage crises. This spirit of cooperation can be especially important if you have an uncontested divorce with a child together who needs two loving parents, rather than two bickering adults.

What Does An Uncontested Divorce Attorney Seminole County Florida Do?

When you hire the Jacobs Law Firm as your uncontested divorce attorney Seminole County Florida, we will likely draft all of your paperwork, including a marital settlement agreement, parenting plan, and child support guidelines. There may be as many as (estimated) ten or more documents you need to file. The child support guidelines worksheets are best prepared by a family law attorney as they can be especially complex.

We understand that spouses need to save money for their post-divorce life. We can do an installment plans and offer flexible payment options. Please note that there is a filing fee for dissolution/divorce cases in Florida. The fee is $408 (and the court charges a 3.5% statutory convenience fee). Keeping a divorce uncontested may also allow you to save on a summons and service of process.

We offer attention to detail, answers to many of your questions, revisions to your agreements/plans, legal advice, guidance in resolving your issues, and a lot of sensitivity to your situation. If you are considering alimony in your case, plan carefully and thoughtfully.

If you would like to work with us, the Jacobs Law Firm, as your uncontested divorce attorney Seminole County Florida, we will send a contract offer and an invoice and we can get started as soon as you are ready to proceed. This process can unfold primarily on your terms and can be amicable. Call or e-mail us today for the help you need with your uncontested divorce case in Orlando, Kissimmee, Tavares, Sanford, or anywhere else in Central Florida.

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