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Collaborative Divorce Clermont FL

Collaborative divorce Clermont FL is a newer and in many ways better method/medium for your divorce. Orlando and Clermont collaborative divorce is changing the way that people think of family law. Generally, collaborative fa of non-traditional divorce is cooperation, openness, honesty, and teamwork. After all, with collaborative divorce, there is an entire team at your fingertips to help you and your spouse throughout the entire process. Maybe the toughest part of this type of divorce is agreeing the participate rather than relying on more common methods that can lead to broader conflict. When weighing cost, time, privacy, and all of your options, consider calling Clermont collaborative divorce attorney, Jonathan Jacobs, of the Jacobs Family Law Firm for a thorough review of your case. Dial 407-335-8113 today.

Clermont Collaborative Divorce Attorney

The most common question (usually these terms are discussed after a mutual understanding of all of your needs) when clients ask about collaborative divorce in Orlando and collaborative divorce in Clermont FL is the cost. After all, why invest so much money into a process that does not guarantee a result? The collaborative process is generally more peaceful, upfront, and can lead to a resolution where both spouses feel less slighted and less impacted by the bitterness of the divorce system.

Generally, with collaborative family law, both parties may preserve their financial privacy from the public viewing, but share all aspects of their financial portrait with each other. In fact, it is the financial neutral (an experienced financial planner) that reviews your financial documents and determines several possible outcomes for both spouses to review. The parties themselves drive the process. The Clermont collaborative divorce attorney is there to help his/her client for the duration.

One of the more common complaints people express in a lengthy and contentious divorce is the emotional strain and financial stresses the process causes. Collaborative divorce in Clermont FL is inherently designed to alleviate these issues. There will be a mental health neutral available to both parties to help negotiate any parenting issues, to spot when either party is distraught or distracted, and they may offer support when needed the most. They are a guidepost for those impacted by their circumstances.

Ultimately, when you are searching for a better way to divorce, and you are concerned about the cost of a year long legal battle, you may prefer to seek our a Clermont collaborative divorce attorney. Attorney Jonathan Jacobs can guide you throughout collaborative divorce Orlando and collaborative divorce Clermont FL. Call 407-335-8113 today.

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Collaborative Divorce Orlando

You need to research collaborative divorce Orlando and how much does collaborative divorce cost near Orlando, FL. Here are some reasons you may need to speak with Jacobs Law Firm about an Orlando collaborative divorce. Orlando is a thriving city. Our tourism and hospitality industries are ever-expanding. The great news is many amazing professionals have relocated here for promotions and to pursue career opportunities. Often, when families move, or one or both spouses achieve career success, schedules can be demanding. Issues can arise and the stressors and strains can lead to a lack of communication and the breakdown of a marriage. When one or both spouses (and/or parents) work long hours, their primary focus may be on their job and kids, which might create a void in your marriage. If divorce in Orlando is absolutely necessary for you and your spouse, consider carefully the impact it may have on your career, finances, and most importantly, on your family. Jonathan Jacobs is a skilled collaborative divorce attorney near Orlando, FL. He is personable, caring, and dedicated to working with family-oriented professionals during their toughest times. Call 407-335-8113 today for the help you need with your collaborative divorce or uncontested divorce.

How Much Does Collaborative Divorce Cost Near Orlando, FL?

How much does collaborative divorce cost near Orlando, FL? Collaborative divorce Orlando may be more affordable than the alternatives. Consider these four factors: 1. Collaborative divorce offers you discretion. Your financial settlement will not be placed on display for others to intrude upon. 2. Collaborative divorce involves at least two collaborative professionals that are neutral in the process. A financial neutral will plan your equitable distribution, and a mental health professional will guide your parenting plan as well as help ensure you and your spouse communicate throughout the process in a meaningful way. 3. In a collaborative divorce, the attorneys must by law disengage once the process succeeds or fails. We may not litigate after representing you in a collaborative divorce. This helps to guide us toward encouraging you to remain true to the process. 4. A collaborative divorce takes place privately and if successful, the spouses make all of the decisions.

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Orlando Collaborative Divorce

An Orlando collaborative divorce generally starts at approximately $20,000. This is typically paid by both spouses from a retirement or other joint account. Each spouse’s attorney, the mental health professional, and the financial planner typically request a down payment of at least $5,000. Prices can be higher or lower depending on the time you require to finalize your case, and the level of expertise of each professional involved. A collaborative divorce is estimated to take between 5-8 months to complete depending on the level of urgency among the spouses, and the amount of issues involved in a case. When factoring in that a standard contested divorce ranges from $5,000-$10,000 before the parties get to mediation (not counting deposition and trial retainers), the cost of a collaborative divorce may seem even more appealing.

When you are ready to hire a divorce attorney Orlando practicing collaborative law, call Jonathan Jacobs at 407-335-8113. We are here to help YOU.