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Relocation of Children After Divorce

A child relocation attorney Florida can help you litigate your petition for relocation with minor children. Your attorney will petition the court for relocation of children after divorce on your behalf. The first step is to schedule a meeting/consultation with your child relocation lawyer Florida. If you are requesting the court allow you to relocate with your child more than 50 miles away from your current principal address for a period of greater than 60 days (after the court has granted your final judgment and parenting plan), your attorney will ask you a lot of questions to help you determine the strength of your petition. These questions are designed to test the strength of your petition for relocation with minor children. Attorney Jonathan Jacobs is a divorce and family law attorney in Orlando.

Winning Relocation Cases Florida

If you are the party seeking to prevent the moving party from moving away with your minor child(ren), your child relocation lawyer Florida will ask you questions about your family, career, health insurance, and proposed move. If you seek to prevent relocation of children after divorce, understand that winning relocation cases Florida has a lot to do with the nature and quality of your facts. Do you have family here locally with whom your child has a close bond? Do your family members help you care for your kid(s)? Is your child already attending a good school? What is the rating of your child’s school? Is your child performing well in school (Earning good grades? Doing well socially?) Do you have a secure job/career locally? Are you making enough income to support your child? These are just starter questions.

Your final judgment and parenting plan will need to be thoroughly analyzed by your child relocation attorney Florida. At that point, your child relocation lawyer Florida will compare the facts of your case as existed at the time of the final judgment and contrast them with your current circumstances involving your proposed move. For example, your attorney will seek to find fault with the relocating party’s alleged facts and prove why it is in the child’s best interests to remain at his/her primary residence.

Child Relocation Attorney Florida

Child Relocation Attorney Florida

Let your child relocation attorney Florida know if you are the party asking the court for relocation of children after divorce. This will reframe your attorney’s perspective on your case. Now, your child relocation attorney will build a case, based on your facts and the evidence you have provided, seeking to convince the court to grant your relocation of children after divorce. This may involve collecting documentation about your new job, health insurance, informally appraising your new housing, and inquiring about the support system you may have at your new job (pending relocation).

Ultimately, a child relocation attorney Florida will understand the perspectives of both sides. This will help him to defend against or ask the court to grant your relocation of children after divorce Florida. When you need an experienced relocation attorney Orlando, Tavares, Kissimmee, Bushnell, Brooksville, and Sanford, call the Jacobs Law Firm for the help you need.