Standard Family Law Interrogatories in Florida

Standard Family Law Interrogatories in Florida

Standard Family Law Interrogatories in Florida

Standard Family Law Interrogatories in Florida are intended to supplement a litigant’s Financial Affidavit. In other words, a Financial Affidavit may provide the end result (like a math problem), but it does not necessarily illustrate how the litigant got there (arrived at the numbers they allege). For the other side and their attorney to determine the accuracy of the numbers and the extent of the financial holdings subject to equitable distribution, as well as alimony and child support considerations, more information may be needed. For instance, we need to determine which child support deductions you may qualify for. Requesting answers to Standard Family Law Interrogatories in Florida is a generally reliable method of/for obtaining those answers.

When Standard Family Law Interrogatories in Florida are propounded (served on the other party), one’s background information, education, and employment are almost always requested as a baseline part of discovery. It makes sense that the interrogatories also generally include a description of one’s assets such as but not limited to: 1. real property (examples: houses or plots of land), 2. tangible personal property (examples: boats, cars, jewelry, baseball cards), intangible personal property (examples include stock certificates, business holdings, mutual funds, trust monies, bonds), 4. retirement accounts (some examples are: IRA and/or ROTH IRA accounts, pension plans, FRS plans, HR10 plans), 5. financial accounts (for example: bank accounts, money market and credit union accounts), 6. Trust funds and accounts, and 7. Safety Deposit Boxes.

The same principle and logic applies to liabilities. It is important that liabilities are included in a final marital agreement to prevent one spouse from incurring additional or unexpected marital debts that might otherwise be properly divided or paid for by the other spouse. Furthermore, along with propounding/serving Standard Family Law Interrogatories in Florida, an attorney will often also demand/request the other litigant produce a Long Form Affidavit, Form 12.902(c), to ensure that all of the financial portrait is revealed to the extent possible.

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