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Small Claims Lawyer Orlando, Small Claims Attorney Orlando

Filing a lawsuit in small claims court in Florida can be done in at least two ways. First, the litigant/plaintiff may file pro se, where the person represents himself or herself. Second, the plaintiff may retain the help of a small claims lawyer Orlando or small claims attorney Orlando. The first method involves the pro se plaintiff doing a great deal of extra research about Florida’s rules of evidence and civil procedure, and may involve personal visits to the courthouse to visit the Clerks of Court. A pro se litigant must compile and organize the evidence he or she intends to use. The self-represented person should understand the Florida Rules of Evidence from the Florida Evidence Code in order to be competent in court to persuade the judge or jury to rule in their favor. Generally, the best results can be achieved by hiring a small claims lawyer. This article is for reference only. We are not accepting new civil litigation claims at this time. Please do not call with inquiries.

Small Claims Court Lawyer Orlando

Hiring a small claims court lawyer Orlando, to raise a claim for damages is a reasonable approach. First, your small claims court lawyer Orlando can identify what evidence he needs to ensure you have a strong case that can be presented to the court. Essentially, your attorney’s job is to use your facts and his experience to persuade the judge to rule in your favor. Second, your small claims attorney Orlando will ask you to collect all relevant documents and photographs. Your participation will allow an attorney to draft a persuasive complaint based on the most relevant facts the court should consider. Third, your small claims court lawyer Orlando can file the pleadings (complaint and attachments, as well as any other information the court may require). Unless, of course, you prefer to go to the courthouse and figure out where to file the documents on your own as a pro se litigant.

Small Claims Attorney Orlando

What Can Your Small Claims Lawyer Orlando, Small Claims Attorney Orlando Do for You?

Fourth, your litigation attorney can inform you about the process of litigation, prepare you for mediation and trial, propose reasonable settlement expectations, and ensure you are ready to pursue the defendant.

Fifth, your small claims lawyer Orlando, small claims attorney Orlando will navigate the trial on your behalf. This is a highly-complex process that involves trial preparation, trial guidance, and trial strategy. Witnesses may need to be called.

Ultimately, if you are undecided as to whether you need an attorney to represent you in your small claims litigation, ask yourself a simple question; “can you win a trial on your own without the help of a trained legal professional?” If you have any doubt, at a minimum, call a small claims court lawyer Orlando to proceed with your case. A free initial consultation could turn into litigation representation and an increased chance of victory in your small claims litigation. For a list of the small claims rules in Florida, please visit the Florida Bar’s Small Claims Manual.

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