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Cost of a Will in Florida

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As a probate attorney Clermont FL, and a Lake County Florida wills attorney, clients often ask me what they can do to ensure their loved ones are taken care of if and when a life-altering event happens. I often advise clients that one of the very best things a person can do is create/draft a will. For younger people (generally-speaking, and depending on income and financial portfolio statuses), a simple will may suffice. You are likely already wondering how much is a simple will if you hire an attorney versus drafting one by yourself, and generally speaking, what is the cost of a will in Florida?

How Much is a Simple Will? Cost of a Will in Florida

How much is a simple will here at the Jacobs Law Firm? A simple will generally costs about $350-$750.00 on average. The cost of a will in Florida that includes trusts and specialized estate planning is significantly higher, in the thousands of dollars. A simple will provides for basic expenses to be paid (based on Florida statutory law) in the event of the testator’s (will maker) death.  These expenditures include burial arrangements, recent medical bills, debts, and taxes. Furthermore, a simple will, much like a more extensive will, provides for the designation of a personal representative (PR). A personal representative is a highly-trusted individual responsible for the management and distribution of the testator’s estate (my friend Steve likes to say that a testator is not an experimental potato, it is the person that makes the will for him or herself!). Designating only one personal representative does not account for life’s uncertainties. It is best to appoint a substitute PR just in case something happens to the first. Life happens, and so does the opposite! You may consider hiring a Lake County Florida wills attorney or a probate attorney Clermont FL. We can let you know the cost of a will in Florida as pertains to the size and requirements of your estate.

Do I Need a Simple Will or a Larger Estate Plan?

A simple will allows the will-maker/testator to designate beneficiaries. Beneficiaries are people named in the will who the testator wants to received his/her assets such as real (houses, condominiums, cars) or tangible personal property (baseball card collections, Pokemon cards, video game collections, and gold watches); the list is unique to each testator. Multiple beneficiaries may be given part of the estate.

Alternatively, certain persons may be announced as excluded from the various and sundry bequests issued by the will-maker. This is the testator’s chance to show his or her loved ones just how much they care, and the thought they placed into how best to express their heartfelt sentiments. Friends, family, charities, the combinations of recipients for bequeathing property are vast, although certain additional forms and instructions may be required. The cost of a will in Florida is generally lower if all you request is a simple will, although given the size of your estate, it could take longer to prepare your will.

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Guardianship Provisions

A simple will gets less simple when guardianship provisions are included. Guardianship provisions are a series of announcements regarding who will care for the children or animals (or both) in the event of the will-maker’s untimely demise. The enforceability of these guardianship provisions is impacted by many factors. Nevertheless, a simple will does not have to be a permanent solution to all of life’s uncertainty, it can be a starting point until a more thorough document can appropriately calculate for all of the testator’s final estate.

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Probate Attorney Clermont FL: Cost of a Will in Florida

How much is the cost of a will in Florida? This depends in part on how long it takes for a will to be written. The time it takes for a lawyer to write a will depends on the level of complexity, novelty, the size of the estate, and the unique wishes of the testator (among other considerations). The fact remains that wills come in all shapes and sizes. Many people use generic forms without considering the enforceability of their provisions, the extent of their unique needs and goals, as well as the legality of their requests. Hiring an attorney to write your will adds at a minimum an additional level of safety and security. At a maximum it can ensure enforceability by the court, a smooth transition without the need for extensive additional legal fees, and most importantly, that their loved ones will receive their inheritances without will contests and ambiguity that leads to significant legal issues and consequences. How much are you able to spend on a estate planning? This may impact the cost of a will in Florida. Consider carefully what your needs are and if you choose to hire an attorney to write your will, I hope that we have answered how much is a simple will and that you will consider the Jacobs Law Firm: probate attorney Clermont FL, Lake County Florida wills attorney.

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