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What can Paternity Lawyer Orlando Jonathan Jacobs do for your family? Jacobs Law Firm can help fathers establish your rights as a parent under Florida law. Many fathers do not realize that until they file a paternity lawsuit in Florida, they may have limited or no rights as a parent of a minor child. As an Orlando Paternity Attorney, we know that many dads do not know they have little or no parental rights until they go to a family law court and file a Petition to Establish Paternity. It is a common mistake many fathers make by assuming if they are on the child’s Birth Certificate, or if they have been sued by the Department of Revenue, that their parental rights are secure. When you need to speak with an Orlando Paternity Lawyer, Paternity Attorney Orlando, call the Jacobs Law Firm for a free initial phone consultation about establishing or protecting your parental rights. Dial 407-335-8113 today.

The two most frequent types of calls we receive as a Paternity Lawyer Orlando, Orlando Paternity Attorney, is from fathers who are in one of these two situations: 1. A dad has received paperwork from the Department of Revenue for the establishment of a child support order and needs to know how to respond, or 2. A dad is on a Minor Child’s Birth Certificate and has been a part of the kid’s life, but suddenly, he is being denied time with his Child. Dad wants to know what to do and how we can help. Call an Orlando Paternity Lawyer today to secure your rights.

Orlando Paternity Attorney

A little bit of research on Google looking for a Paternity Attorney Orlando, will likely inform a father that in the State of Florida, being on the Birth Certificate, or having a Child Support Order against him, does NOT confer/grant parental rights and timesharing with his son or daughter. Rather, a father must take action to secure his parental rights and responsibilities. This is where an Orlando Paternity Lawyer such as Jonathan Jacobs can offer valuable legal assistance.  

Orlando Paternity Attorney

Our initial preparation includes asking a prospective client a lot of questions about their case. This is essential to discovering the unique facts of your case. We will also ask you to fill out a client intake form and a financial affidavit in preparation for your case. In some instances, we may have you complete a financial affidavit to make some preliminary child support predictions. Ultimately, as a Paternity Lawyer Orlando / Orlando Paternity Attorney, we want to know your expectations for timesharing to match the facts of your case with your preferences and availabilities. Call Jacobs Law Firm today to get to work on your paternity action. You are a great parent, and we can help you secure your rights. Call 407-335-8113.