Orlando Uncontested Divorce Attorney

Orlando Uncontested Divorce Attorney

Orlando Uncontested Divorce Attorney

An uncontested divorce may be granted by a Florida family law court when the parties are in agreement on ALL issues in their family law case. Often, the Petitioner may choose to hire an Orlando uncontested divorce attorney to prepare their pleadings. The pleadings a family lawyer will generally prepare or require their client to prepare include: 1. a Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act Affidavit, 2. a Marital Settlement Agreement, 3. a Financial Affidavit, 4. a Notice of Social Security Numbers, 5. a Civil Cover Sheet, and 6. a Notice of Confidential Filing Within Court File. An uncontested divorce does not always stay that way. Often, the parties agree at the beginning on the provisions of their divorce agreement, but change their minds based on the poor and contentious behavior amongst themselves. Your divorce does not need to stay uncontested, though the cost to the litigants is likely much less in legal fees if their divorce does not go the route of the courthouse, mediation, hearings, and or trial.

Issues in an Uncontested Divorce

As an Orlando uncontested divorce attorney, it has been my experience that there is at least one major issue that requires a great deal of massaging and compromise. That issue could be an award of alimony (whether it be lump sum or over a period of time), the awarding or partition of a marital home, or the splitting of other assets such as the couple’s cars.

Hire an Orlando Uncontested Divorce Attorney

It is natural that a permanent separation after a period of years can bring the parties a great deal of stress, turmoil, or confusion. This is just another reason to hire an Orlando uncontested divorce attorney to be a negotiator and a sort of peacemaker between the parties. Let’s be brutally honest. If the parties were able to compromise and agree on their personal issues, they likely would not have separated. This sort of difficulty can be helped by hiring a family law attorney that is a seasoned legal professional capable of understanding the situation and making every effort to continue with an amicable uncontested divorce.

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