Orlando Small Claims Attorney

Orlando Small Claims Attorney

We are not accepting new civil litigation claims at this time. Please do not contact us with any small claims or other civil claims issues. This article is for reference only. When you need to send a demand letter or sue in small claims court in Orlando, an Orlando small claims attorney can help. This article is for reference only. We are not accepting new civil litigation claims at this time. Did you know, that according the Florida Small Claims Rules, a small claims court lawsuit may be started simply by providing the Clerk of Court with a statement of your claim? Sounds simple right? In fact, writing a small claims statement of claim can be complicated. The three most frequent reasons clients hire the Jacobs Law Firm as their Orlando small claims attorney are: 1. People are unable to navigate the court system on their own (it can be a maze without proper guidance), 2. Writing the statement of claim, notice to appear, and other documents for small claims court Orlando is not something people do everyday without help, and 3. Collecting and putting together evidence in a convincing and meaningful way to conform with the rules and restraints of the Florida Small Claims Rules and Florida Rules of Civil Procedure is best done by a skilled attorney. We frequently represent clients in small claims court in Orlando Florida. This article is for reference only. We are not accepting new civil litigation claims at this time.

Lawsuits generally are best left to the legal professionals that are trained to litigate small claims legal matters. There are many times when your case may be better settled before or during mediation, or even up until the time of trial. An Orlando small claims attorney can help position you to receive the best deal possible whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant. Showing the other side that you have a strong case and you are willing to go to trial can be a powerful motivating force.

Orlando Small Claims Attorney

I do not mean to be too colorful with my analogies, but would you rather employ a dentist for your fillings, or read online about how to fix your tooth issues and then give it your best shot? Wouldn’t you prefer an experienced and trained dentist or an experienced attorney? This is like reading about how to win a small claims case, but you have never written a lawsuit complaint or presented evidence at trial. Do you have significant experience with settling claims for high dollar values? Have you ever written a complaint for damages? What is your cause(s) of action? Orlando small claims lawyer Jonathan Jacobs has experience with the Florida Small Claims Rules. He can help win your case and advise you as to your best options every step of the way.

Florida Small Claims Rules

Consider also hiring me from the opposing perspective. Suppose you are being sued in small claims court by an unscrupulous person or company that does not have a rightful claim to your money. They might expect to steamroll you in court because they do not believe you have an attorney or the means to fight back and protect yourself from their weak and speculative claim for damages. In that case, as the defendant, you should consider hiring me as your Orlando small claims attorney to help you prove your defenses to the Judge in small claims court in Orlando. The earlier in the process you hire me, the better your chances of reducing or eliminating your damages. The Florida Small Claims Rules provide for timelines and deadlines for offering counterclaims and certain defenses. This means that time is of the essence. If you happen to delay until it is close to the date of your trial, you may not be able to put forth legitimate defenses that could have significantly impacted the case in your favor.

Here is a fun fact; pursuant to Florida Small Claims Rule 7.070, the method for service of process in Florida small claims court can be by Certified Mail through the United States Post Office. Recently we recommend our plaintiffs hire a process server to ensure service is made on the defendant(s) especially because of Coronavirus, but that is technically not necessary.

The Florida Small Claims Rules also provide that the small claims court in Orlando will provide the parties with a hearing date. The summons/hearing date document will let you know that before the court proceeds to trial on a small claims case, there will be a court-ordered pre-trial conference. In small claims court, a pre-trial conference is more of a mediation where the parties may arrive at an agreement/stipulation on how to resolve their issues on their OWN terms without causing a judge to decide their case.

Small Claims Jurisdictional Limit 2020

On January 1, 2020 small claims court jurisdiction in Florida increased to $8,000. This is a major victory for most plaintiffs litigating in small claims court in Orlando. However, if your claim is for $2,000 or less, you may want to save money by sending a demand letter first to explore whether litigation is necessary. If your claim is closer to $8,000, the small claims court limit for damages, then hiring the Jacobs Law Firm as your Orlando small claims attorney may be helpful in recovering your damages.

Your goal is to minimize your risk and exposure financially to the furthest extent possible. Now you know a little something about the Florida Small Claims Rules and you know that Orlando small claims attorney Jonathan Jacobs is available to represent you if your case is brought in good faith, has a reasonable chance of a successful outcome, and if you are willing to put in the work to win your case in small claims court in Orlando.

Unlawful detainer and eviction actions are also generally small claims litigation issues. Here are the Orlando small claims court FAQ.

small claims court in Orlando

Small claims cases are not appropriate for all litigants. If you believe your damages are significantly higher, you may need to bring your case to the county civil division or to the circuit civil division when your civil litigation involves a much higher dollar amount of alleged damages. As an Orlando small claims attorney I can tell you that small claims trials are not always time consuming. In fact, they can be as short as just thirty minutes, or as long as about two to three hours depending on the court’s docket for that trial period. Therefore, the best practice for a litigant that wants to work with an attorney, is to hire a small claims lawyer early in the case to account for all legal issues and to employ all legal strategies before they are foreclosed due to the Florida Small Claims Rules and the timing allowed for each procedure.

Client Testimonial: “Jonathan was the only lawyer willing to help me. I had called a mess of other lawyers that I tried, and none of them wanted to try dog-bite case for me. Everyone else I called had their excuses about not wanting to do any work. As soon I had hung up the phone on my first conversation with Jonathan I felt confident I was going to be okay.I am so grateful that there was a lawyer who wasn’t all about greed, but about results and principles. Within a few months WON the case. He was thorough, well-researched and well-practiced. I have a feeling he is either “all in or all out” when it comes to what he believes in and what cases he will take. This results in some people not being picked up for his services. But if you treat him like an intelligent human being, follow all his instructions and don’t act like you’re God’s gift, then he will do everything in his power to help you win your case. I owe much to Jonathan and his expertise. I wish there were more souls like him around.”

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