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As an Orlando child support lawyer, I often ask the following question: Did you know that child support is based on Florida Statute 61.30, Florida’s Child Support Statute? Asking about waiving child support is an important question. Many clients ask their attorneys to waive child support because they do not want to pay, and do not want the other side to pay. Logically, many clients believe that by waiving their legal right to alimony or child support, that such amicability will lead to better co-parenting and an amicable resolution to a Florida family law case. However, despite this “noble” intention and purported olive branch, child support cannot be waived in the state of Florida. Jonathan Jacobs is an Orlando child support lawyer that offers a free initial consultation when you want to determine your rights as a parent or guardian.

Florida's Child Support Statute

Florida’s Child Support Statute

As an Orlando child support lawyer, it is important to inform clients of their rights and of their responsibilities. Child support cannot be waived, as we discussed above, because of Florida’s child support statute. However, there is a legal principle based on a Latin term, called “de minimis,” meaning in such a small or negligible amount. Some Florida courts, and some Florida family law judges, will allow the parties in a paternity or dissolution of marriage suit to request the nonpayment of child support. This request may be granted under certain limited and narrow circumstances. For example, if the amount to be paid in support payments is under $50 (not a firm number, just a hypothetical example), and if the parties are resolved to the fact that they do not want the payment of support, the court may consider their request. If granted, it will be because the amount is de minimis and there is a mutual agreement among the parties that they will govern their own affairs for the best interests of their children. Some jurisdictions will require the parties to file a motion for a downward departure of child support to justify their request. Call the Jacobs Law Firm, PLLC an Orlando child support lawyer firm dedicated to helping its clients.

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Florida’s child support Statute also provides that the payment of child support is based on many factors. Proving how much is owed by both parties (remember that child support is mutually calculated) is based on statutory factors that your Orlando child support lawyer can help prove in discovery and in court.

Whether you would like to stop paying an “excessive” amount of child support (a petition for modification), or if you would like to get help with pursuing a court order for child support against a nonpaying party, call Jonathan Jacobs, an Orlando child support lawyer, for help with your child support case today.