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Civil Litigation Lawyer in Orlando Florida

Our areas of practice include unlawful detainer lawsuits, contract breach lawsuits, and small claims lawsuits. If you are reading this page, it is more likely that you, or a close friend or relative, is involved in a lawsuit. Or, perhaps you are considering filing a lawsuit, and you want to find out how the legal process works. What are your rights when someone had breached a contract or a loan agreement without your permission, or unethically terminated your employment or failed to repay your loan? If you have been hurt financially, it may be time to speak with a contract lawyer in Orlando. As a litigation lawyer in Orlando Florida, and a litigation lawyer in Clermont Florida, Jonathan Jacobs helps his clients through every stage of the litigation process. As a civil lawsuit attorney in Orlando Florida, Attorney Jacobs has been involved with a great variety of cases that allow him to draw on experience to help his clients position themselves personally, or their business, in the best position to achieve a successful outcome. Call the Jacobs Law Firm today at 407-335-8113. During these difficult times of Covid-19 / the coronavirus and the flu, we are offering virtual consultations by Skype, FaceTime and Google Duo. We see clients in Seminole County, Orange County, Lake County and Osceola County. In fact, many hearings and some trials are taking place virtually because of Covid-19.

Contract Lawyer in Orlando, Civil Lawsuit Attorney in Orlando Florida

Contract Lawyer in OrlandoMany prominent legal organizations provide a famous statistic suggesting that 97% of all civil lawsuits end with a settlement. This number is misleading for several important reasons. A litigation lawyer does more than simply help settle your case. It is important to understand the multitude of tactics and strategies that trained litigation attorneys employ on behalf of their clients during the lawsuit process. Litigation is first and foremost a process. There are many stages of litigation, and success in as many phases as possible may bring about a more fair and reasonable resolution.

Beginning with pre-lawsuit negotiations, a demand letter may be the best approach to start your cause of action. As a contract lawyer in Orlando and Clermont, and generally as a civil lawsuit attorney in Orlando Florida and Clermont Florida, Attorney Jacobs is familiar with local business and personal issues, and can help provide the legal guidance you need when confronted with legal claims.

When do you need a civil litigation lawyer? Litigation does not begin when the plaintiff files a complaint with the court. In fact, litigation begins when you have been wronged by another party, or when you have wronged them. Lawsuits happen when there has been a breakdown of a relationship between the parties. This breakdown may occur when there is a breach of contract, a failure to perform a service, unjust enrichment, and the list continues. When you are a plaintiff or a defendant in a lawsuit for civil damages, you will need to consider the evidence you will need to prove your claim(s), as well as how best to present the evidence that may go against you. It is best to hire a litigation lawyer early in the process to present the best possible case before the court.

Civil Lawsuit Attorney in Orlando Florida

Litigation Lawyer in Orlando FloridaIf you would like a consultation, whether you are the plaintiff or defendant (or merely considering initiating a suit) in a civil lawsuit, call the Jacobs Law Firm, Civil Lawsuit Attorney in Orlando Florida, for more information. We are happy to listen and provide counsel when need legal help to win your case or minimize your damages.

Generally speaking, a contract lawyer in Orlando knows that litigation can be voluntarily dismissed, involuntarily dismissed such as by being dismissed by summary judgment, the parties may settle, depositions and discovery may continue for months, the case may proceed to trial, and in some cases (after trial), the non-prevailing party may choose to file an appeal (if done timely). As a litigation lawyer in Clermont Florida, Attorney Jacobs will advise clients that there are several additional potential steps and phases of the litigation process to consider because each case is unique and takes its own route to a final or partial outcome. Some people call litigation an intellectual duel using the law as its centerpiece. Litigation first and foremost is about proving damages or mitigating damages and that can be done smartly and skillfully.

Litigation Lawyer in Orlando Florida, Litigation Lawyer in Clermont Florida, Contract Lawyer in Orlando

Litigation lawyers have their clients’ best interests in mind, and are quite skilled in their pursuit of the best possible outcome. Usually, the party with the strongest evidence and facts on their side will achieve the best result. The process often needs to play out with (if necessary and requested) discovery such as depositions, interrogatories, requests for documents, etc. The deeper the parties go into a case, the greater their attorney’s fees may be, but the advantage of that may be the likely outcome of any eventual trial may become clear based on the evidence discovered. A litigation lawyer in Orlando Florida, and litigation lawyer in Clermont Florida, can walk you through the process of of civil litigation and explain and identify how each stage in the lawsuit is important. Attorney Jacobs, contract lawyer in Orlando, will frequently encourage progress in your negotiations. There may be other solutions to explore, such as a settlement agreement, which you may be interested in pursuing, and we can help you prepare for.

Settlement Agreements, Are they Right for You? Civil Lawsuit Attorney in Orlando Florida

Civil Lawsuit Attorney in Orlando FloridaAs a civil lawsuit attorney in Orlando Florida, and contract lawyer in Orlando, it is important for me to let clients know that litigation can take months or years to reach an outcome. Attorney’s fees can pile up quickly. This is why continually visiting and revisiting the prospect of a settlement agreement can mean a great deal to clients. On the other hand, to reach a successful outcome, litigation often needs to be pursued vigorously to let the other side know you are willing to go the distance because you have a strong case with a likely outcome of success. If you hire me as your civil lawsuit attorney in Orlando Florida, I will keep you informed as often as needed. You will be informed about the aspects of your case we need to work on, the acceptance or rejection of settlement offers we make or consider if offered to us, and about the civil litigation process itself. You need to know how civil litigation works to be fully ready for each step of the lawsuit. Your litigation lawyer in Orlando Florida and/or litigation lawyer in Clermont Florida should be willing, ready, and able to guide you. Lawsuits require a great deal of attention and expertise. We truly hope you will choose the Jacobs Law Firm when you have decided to hire an attorney. For a free civil litigation case evaluation fill out our e-mail form now!

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Jonathan Jacobs is a contract lawyer in Orlando Florida who helps his clients with their legal issues resulting from breaches of contract.