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What is at will employment Florida (in the state of)? At-will means that an employee can be fired at any time for practically any reasonable cause. There are always exceptions to this rule and they are based on part on federal labor and employment practices. Firing a person based on their race, religion, gender, handicap, or otherwise, can result in a substantial judgment in favor of the employee/litigant. However, labor and employment law in Florida does not automatically favor the employer or the employee. The validity of an employer’s termination of an employee’s employment is a question of fact. Under the at will employment Florida standard, an employee can be fired if she shows up late, if he dresses sloppily, if she is rude to customers, if he is unreliable, if she doesn’t get along with coworkers, if he cannot understand the technical aspects of his job, if she lied on her resume, if the person is committing sexual misconduct, and the list is practically endless. If you have ever worked with a coworker that is terrible at their job, they might be susceptible to being let go from their employment. Jonathan Jacobs is a labor and employment lawyer Orlando FL, and an employment lawyer Tavares FL.

Employment Lawyer Tavares FL

Employment Lawyer Tavares FL

Let’s think about this in practical terms. Medium and large-size companies have human resource departments. These HR departments are intended to prevent outbursts, harassment, discrimination, and so forth. A careful and prudent employer will keep records of all employee demerits, incidents, and misconduct. A smart employee will do his/her best to avoid conflict and to accel at their job. That is what occurs in an ideal situation where conflict does not exist. However, it is not easy for perfection to occur because life gets in the way. People are competing for raises, for promotions, for attention. Cliques and groups form at the workplace just as they do anywhere else. Workplace romances abound because of routine and familiarity (among other reasons). Keeping conflict out of the workplace is not easy to do. Treating employees, bosses, or one’s company like garbage is something that we should aspire never to do. Lawsuits can be avoided. If you do need to file a lawsuit for wrongful termination, or if you are an employer that needs to take steps to protect your organization, call a labor and employment lawyer Orlando FL, and an employment lawyer Tavares FL. The Jacobs Law Firm is here to help structure your conduct to conform to labor and employment laws, or to make sure your former employer deals with you properly and according to the law. Just because we have at will employment Florida does not give you a blank check to mistreat employees, and vice versa.

At Will Employment Florida

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