Is Daycare Included in Child Support in Florida

Is daycare included in child support in Florida

Is Daycare Included In Child Support In Florida?

Often during pre-mediation marital settlement or paternity negotiations, or at mediation, one party will ask for day care expenses to be kept off the Child Support Guidelines Worksheet. This is generally not the optimal approach. To best answer “is daycare included in child support in Florida,” it is important to note that in a majority of cases the court requires the parties to exchange Child Support Guidelines Worksheets to ensure the math calculations are accurate and truly represent the information provided on the Financial Affidavits, pay stubs, tax returns, etc. Statutorily, as stated concisely in Florida Statute 61.30(7), child care costs such as daycare incurred as a direct result of one or both parties working (career necessities), looking for work, or obtaining an education with the intend of becoming employed or earning a promotion, MUST be added to the Worksheets. The one caveat the Statute offers is that “Child care costs may not exceed the level required to provide quality care from a licensed source.” In a sense, the Statute encourages parents to find a reputable and licensed child care/daycare provider to look after their child(ren). Mostly, the Florida Legislature and the courts are seeking to compel the parents to find a reasonably-priced day care that does not overburden their finances, nor cause significant disagreements about the provider’s quality.

Is daycare included in child support in Florida

Is Daycare Included In Child Support In Florida? A Short Hypothetical

Hypothetically speaking, if there are two day care facilities and one costs $170 per month for an infant, the other costs $230 a month, both parties should consider finding a middle ground. Find a day care that is relatively nearby, which costs $200 a month and has the option of a camera to observe your child(ren) while they are being cared for.

“Is daycare included in child support in Florida?” Judges prefer when the parties do their best to compromise. Break ups are often full of bitterness and they often cause distrust. Just because the parties are no longer “together,” does not make them bad parents or incapable of making rational adult decisions in the best interest of their child(ren). Think carefully about whether your actions represent the best interest of your child(ren), or are a reaction to the breakdown of your relationship. Daycare is vital to the health and security of children when parents work full time and there are no other family members available to help with child care.

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