Income Deduction Order Florida

Income Deduction Order Florida

If you have resolved your paternity or divorce lawsuit (involving minor children), one final step that usually occurs is the drafting of an income deduction order Florida child support, and/or the drafting of an income deduction order Florida alimony. Often, the divorce or family law attorney will prepare these documents, but the court may do so as well in the absence of attorneys being affiliated with your case. A deduction order (also known as an income withholding order) is intended to alert the Florida State Disbursement Unit and the payor’s (person obligated to pay) employer of the requirement of automatically deducting a specified amount of money for child support and/or alimony payments on a weekly, bi-monthly, per paycheck, or monthly basis. If you need to know how to stop an income deduction order in Florida, call the Jacobs Law Firm for the help you need right away 407-310-5636.

Income Deduction Order Florida Alimony

Preparing a deduction order Florida child support or alimony is based on the amount of child support and/or the amount of alimony the payor is obligated to pay per the mediated or marital settlement agreement and/or the court order mandating those payments. The forms must be carefully prepared to account for mandatory administrative fees given to the Florida State Disbursement Unit. Your lawyer must also factor in the dates when the amount you are obligated to pay will go down because of a child aging out, or because of the lowering of alimony over time.

How To Stop An Income Deduction Order In Florida

How To Stop An Income Deduction Order In Florida

As a family lawyer in Orlando, the Jacobs Law Firm receives a high volume of calls about how to stop an income deduction order in Florida. Frankly, even if your order provides for a date when your payments should stop, employers and human resource departments do not always follow the guidelines for its termination. This means that you should consider calling the Jacobs Law Firm to be a liaison between your employer, the court, and yourself, in order to stop your income deduction order and to prevent you from overpaying indefinitely for your alimony or child support.

A deduction order is based on mutual agreement of the parties or the court’s ruling. The forms must be prepared with skill and full attention to detail. The payor’s employer must also be made fully aware of the court order to prevent you from accidentally missing payments and being subject to contempt allegations.

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