Groveland Florida Divorce Attorney

Groveland Florida Divorce Attorney

Groveland Florida Divorce Attorney | Davenport Florida Divorce Attorney

Lately, we have received calls from areas such as Groveland and Davenport Florida that are not often considered “heavy” markets for family law cases. We would like to take this opportunity to reach out to clients in Groveland and Davenport to let you know we are ready to help you achieve their goals in your family law cases. As a Groveland Florida Divorce Attorney, and a Davenport Florida Divorce Attorney, we would like to invite you to call the Jacobs Law Firm. We offer a free initial consultation. During your consultation we will discuss the legal issues involved in/with your case and determine how much we would charge for those services (payment plans are welcome, we accept cash, check, credit card, or otherwise), and whether we are the right fit for working together on your legal issues. Generally, the cases we decide to accept are those where our clients are interested on achieving amicable solutions, or where our clients have been placed in situations where our legal expertise can make a substantial difference for them. In other words, if you have done your best to resolve your case, and the other side has been uncooperative or unfair to you, we want to help you!

Davenport Florida Divorce Attorney

Davenport Florida Divorce Attorney for Hire | Groveland Florida Divorce Attorney Ready to Help You

Here at the Jacobs Law Firm you may expect courtesy and professionalism, as well as caring and compassionate legal help from the lawyer you trust. Ask as many questions as you like. As a former professor, I truly enjoy explaining the ins and outs of the law. I can do so in a unique way to make the complex understandable. It is important that my clients know what to expect during this difficult time of getting divorced. Whether your case involves divorce, paternity, child custody/timesharing, child support, alimony, property and asset division, or otherwise, please call us and ask if we will be your Davenport Florida Divorce Attorney or Groveland Florida Divorce Attorney.

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