Florida Timeshare Cancellation

Florida Timeshare Cancellation

Florida Timeshare Cancellation Attorney: How Does Florida Timeshare Cancellation Work?

You have heard the sales pitch, you have seen the wonderful photographs of resorts, and you want to be a timeshare owner. A few days later, for one reason or another, you have changed your mind. This happens with buyers more often than you would think. What can you do to get out of your timeshare contract? Florida provides a reasonable and lawful rescission process based on statutory law. Buyer’s remorse occurs in many cases. This is why built into each valid timeshare contract is a notice of your right to rescission of the timeshare contract/agreement. A statutory right of rescission is a legal guarantee, that if you follow the law completely, and do not cause a breach of contract, you may have a right to cancel your contract within the time provided for by statute and/or contract.Jonathan Jacobs is a Florida Timeshare Cancellation Attorney ready to help you with your timeshare cancellation. We hope this blog article provides you with some clarity by answering a frequently asked question, “how does Florida timeshare cancellation work?”

Florida timeshare cancellation is becoming a massive business. This is because the sales tactics utilized during timeshare presentations are often quite convincing and attractive to timeshare buyers, but in the aftermath, it is not uncommon for timeshare buyers to quickly feel regret for having entered into a timeshare agreement. Maybe it is the terms of the agreement that buyers find to be unappealing, or perhaps it is the overall purchase price and terms that convince them to choose to rescind their contract. Most often, as a Florida Timeshare Cancellation Attorney , my clients inform me that they might not have obtained all of the benefits and resort availability they had anticipated they would in light of the amount of money they have paid, and/or are scheduled to pay the timeshare company or developer. As a consequence, they want to void the timeshare contract. Florida Timeshare Cancellation works based on the relevant Florida Statute as written by the Florida Legislature to offer consumers a measure of protection. Jonathan Jacobs is a Florida Timeshare Cancellation Attorney.

 Timeshare Cancellation Attorney in Florida

How Long do I have to Cancel My Timeshare Contract in Florida?

To answer the question of “how long do I have to cancel my timeshare contract in Florida,” I refer you to Florida Timeshare Cancellation Statute 721.06(g)(3), which offers a statutory method purchasers may use for Florida timeshare cancellation. Although not every attempt at cancellation runs smoothly, and many are contested, the Florida Timeshare Cancellation Statute clearly provides that buyers the opportunity to cancel their timeshare contract(s) within ten (10) days. This ten day window for cancellation begins either when the purchaser signs the timeshare agreement, or when all statutorily required documents are given to the purchaser in accordance with Florida Statute 721.07(6). The clock on cancellation begins ticking after the signature is made or the mandatory documents are provided to the purchaser, whichever event comes later. This is one reason for which timeshare contracts often allow for notice of rescission, or Florida timeshare cancellation to be effective when sent, not when received. If this policy were reversed, there could be enough ambiguity to lead to unnecessary litigation. To cancel, the seller and developer (often the same party or organization) must be notified in writing within the ten day window of the purchaser’s intent to cancel. The Jacobs Law Firm does this for clients. If you would like our legal advice, for us to prepare and send a notice of timeshare cancellation on your behalf, we will be available for you ASAP. Remember that in this circumstance, time is of the essence. It is important to send out notice of cancellation prior to the expiration of your ten day statutory grace period. The manner in which you send out notice is an issue we will discuss as well.

 Florida Timeshare Cancellation Statute

There are many expert law firms in Florida that handle Florida timeshare cancellation for their clients. The Jacobs Law Firm generally handles rescission for its clients within the time allowed for by Statute. Jonathan Jacobs is a Florida Timeshare Cancellation Attorney that works tirelessly on behalf of his clients. We encourage you to call or e-mail us with any questions you may have. Your initial consultation is absolutely free. Speaking with a lawyer will allow you to decide if you need a timeshare cancellation attorney. Remember, that the answer to the all-important question of “How Long do I have to Cancel My Timeshare Contract in Florida?” is generally ten days as provided for by Statute, but you should read the terms of your timeshare contract before relying exclusively on the Statute. Welcome to our Law Firm!

Florida Timeshare Cancellation Statute

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