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Welcome to the Florida Family Law Blog, the legal blog articles written by Attorney Jonathan Jacobs, managing attorney with the Jacobs Law Firm. The law is a beautiful thing, and Florida family law is no exception. The laws established by both the Florida Legislature, and by Congress, protect our rights. The laws of our great nation allow us to evolve as a society as we become a safer and more informed nation. Changes in Florida law can have a substantial impact on our daily lives, and can affect the way we govern and structure our conduct. Mostly, we write about Florida criminal law, Florida laws on eviction and Florida laws on divorce, child support, equitable distribution and more.

Whether it is because of the work of local lawmakers, state lawmakers (the Florida Legislature), the Florida Supreme Court, the United States Supreme Court, or Congress, the law is ever-changing. It is important as citizens and vital to know the current laws of the state of Florida. Reading the Florida Family Law Blog is one way to keep abreast of the latest happenings in Florida. Our Florida law blog also provides insight into the types of cases Attorney Jonathan Jacobs may handle for his clients.

Florida Family Law Blog

Florida Family Law, Florida Criminal Law

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Florida laws on divorce

In our Florida family law blog, writing about Florida laws on divorce, Florida criminal law, Florida laws on eviction, and more, benefits readers by offering them a unique perspective on statutory construction and Florida case law. By understanding how laws are written, structured, and their intended purpose(s) and application(s), Floridians can develop a better sense of the intent of the Florida Legislature in enacting these laws. It is easy to fear disobeying the law, but it is often difficult to comprehend the meaning behind the often arcane words which seem to be in abundance, which is why we label it “legalese.” Enjoy our articles on Florida divorce laws as we aspire to make the complex demystified for your reading enjoyment and the broadening of your legal knowledge.

Florida laws on eviction

Florida Laws on Divorce, Florida Laws on Eviction, Florida Criminal Law

From Florida laws on divorce, alimony, equitable distribution, timesharing and child custody, text messaging while driving, family law, Florida criminal law, Florida laws on eviction, Florida laws on breach of contract litigation and more, we would love for you to keep us on your list of favorite blogs and law websites and stand by for legal writing at its finest! The Florida Law Blog here at the Jacobs Law Firm, PLLC in Orlando, is the place to visit to broaden your legal insights. Feel free to join in on the discussion and let us know your thoughts on Florida divorce laws.