Florida Family Law Notice of Related Cases

Florida Family Law Notice of Related Cases

What is a Florida family law notice of related cases and why do Florida family law circuit courts generally require divorce and family law litigants to file this document with the court? According to Florida Rule of Judicial Administration 2.545(d), and Florida Family Law Rule 12.900(h), a notice of related cases Florida must contain the case captioning, the case number(s) of any related case(s) and should indicate to the court whether you are seeking to consolidate all outstanding issues under the family law court umbrella. Similar to the litigants’ obligation to inform the court of any changes in financial circumstances (by filing an amended Financial Affidavit), if related cases are filed during the pendency of the divorce/marital dissolution or paternity action, then the parties must bring them to the court’s attention by filing a notice of related cases . Do not forget to let the court know of any cases that impact your dissolution of marriage, and/or child custody case. Domestic violence matters should be brought to the court’s attention. Call 407-335-8113 for a consultation today from a divorce attorney in Orlando and an uncontested divorce attorney in Lake County FL.

Notice of Related Cases Florida

Florida Family Law Notice of Related Cases | What is a Notice of Related Cases Florida?

What is a related case in Florida family law court? Commonly, litigants will file a notice of related cases Florida when there is an eviction, unlawful detainer, domestic violence, and/or criminal assault, battery, or stalking case/situation that arises. These types of cases could significantly impact the litigants’ timesharing and child support amounts, particularly if the case proceeds to trial. Withholding information from the court can lead to a result that could be challenged, and/or your veracity and forthrightness with the court could be challenged. If there are no related cases, you may wish to submit the Florida family law notice of related cases form and state that there are no related cases for purposes of making the record.

The rules of procedure provide that a case is related if it “involves the same parties, children, or issues and is pending when the family law case is filed; or it affects the court’s jurisdiction to proceed; or an order in the related case may conflict with an order on the same issues in the new case; or an order in the new case may conflict with an order in the earlier case.” If you need clarification, call a Florida family law attorney for more information, or consult with the local Clerk of Court in your county to receive the clarity you need to proceed forward with confidence.

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