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Florida bridge the gap alimony

Bridge the gap alimony in Florida is one of several types of alimony a Florida court may award to the party that is judged to be in need of financial support during the pendency of the divorce, and in the immediate aftermath of dissolution. Florida Alimony Statute 61.08 and its subsection Five, states that Florida bridge the gap alimony is designed to help the party in need transition from married life to being single or alone and without the support system that being married provided. If you need to speak with an Orlando alimony attorney to determine your rights and responsibilities, call 407-335-8113 to speak with a family law attorney today about your divorce involving alimony.

Bridge the gap alimony in Florida may be structured to provide for designation needs that are for the here and now, that is to say, the needs of the receiving party must be short term and not with the intent of being permanent or long-lasting. Whenever a Florida Statute states what something is, it also provides insight into what it is not. Here, the alimony award is designed to help a payee during a period of transition. When does bridge the gap alimony end? Ask a divorce attorney in Orlando.

bridge the gap alimony in florida

Bridge the Gap Alimony in Florida, How Long is Bridge the Gap Alimony?

Bridge the gap alimony is designed not to exceed two years of time. That is twenty-four months and is designed to help the party in need get back up and running as a self-sufficient adult. The bridge-the-gap language literally means filling in the holes when needed.

When does Bridge the Gap Alimony End?

When does bridge the gap alimony end? This type of alimony in Florida ends when either of the two parties dies, if the party receiving alimony payments gets remarried which essentially means that party is in a financially supportive relationship and no longer requires or is entitled to bridge the gap alimony, or after the 2 year period expires. Finally, it is important to also note that the Statute makes it clear Florida bridge the gap alimony may not be changed in either amount or time. Lake County FL family law attorney and affordable family law Attorney Jonathan Jacobs can answer your questions about alimony.

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