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In Florida, family law and divorce law have many definitions, applications, and meanings. As a family law attorney Clermont Florida, and divorce attorney Clermont Florida, it is Attorney Jacobs’ pleasure to explain his perspective on this wonderful field of law. Let’s start with the foundation of family law. To quote the great Frank Sinatra, the undergirding of family law is “love and marriage.” Falling in love and having children often results in marriage. If you are separating from your spouse or significant other, and if you have children together, the litigation that could result is complex and fact-specific. Florida law provides a substantial number or factors that govern how family law issues are resolved. It takes a skilled litigator like family lawyer Orlando Attorney Jacobs, Lake County Florida Divorce Lawyer, to help you achieve the best results considering the circumstances of your case.

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Lake County Florida Divorce Lawyer, Divorce Attorney in Lake County Florida: How Does a Florida Divorce Work?

From a legal standpoint, marriage is a generally recognized as a contract between two parties that under the eyes of the law unifies them as one entity/party. This is a romantic notion that is utopian and beautiful, but like any idealization, as a family lawyer Orlando it is clear this ideal is not always attainable or sustainable. The laws governing marriage are designed to be fair and equitable, even if a divorce can be emotionally and financially challenging. Florida’s family laws are intended to promote unity and togetherness. Nevertheless, despite the best efforts of the legal system and of married people themselves, marriage is an institution that statistically fails more often than it succeeds. This would seem to indicate that marriage is a relationship between two people that needs a great deal of focus, attention, and especially compromise. Even with a great deal of sincere effort and devotion to your marriage, there is no guarantee that your marriage will succeed. If you are getting a divorce in Lake County Florida, or a divorce in Orange County Florida, you may need to hire me as your family law attorney Clermont Florida, as your family law attorney Orlando Florida, or in the surrounding counties, so that I may fight to protect your financial and parental rights. Jonathan Jacobs is a Lake County Divorce Lawyer willing to go work tirelessly on behalf of his clients.

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There are many reasons why marriages irretrievably break down, which is legalese for they failed to work. If you need a divorce attorney in Lake County Florida, or a family lawyer Orlando, when we discuss your marital dissolution case, it is likely that your marriage has had its own unique twists and turns. It is hard to build a life together without going through problems that can either strengthen a marriage or tear it apart.

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Take it from a Lake County Florida divorce lawyer that it is important for you to know that Florida is a “No-Fault” divorce (marital dissolution) state. This means that neither spouse has to be at fault for the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. The petitioner (person that files for marital dissolution) does not have to prove the other party (respondent) is at fault. Comparatively speaking, this makes it potentially less complicated in the presentation of evidence in order to obtain a divorce in Florida. Think about that; the person asking the court for a divorce does not need to prove that their spouse has done anything wrong. Perhaps you were a wonderful wife, or a devoted husband, and yet your marriage has not mutually worked for both parties. This leads to hurt feelings on both sides.

Every marital dissolution brings about challenges for both parties, and that is what can make divorce so trying for the parties involved. It is important to understand that divorce should be considered as a last resort when or if a marriage has failed. There are many alternatives to marital dissolution, and before we proceed, out of an abundance of professionalism, as an Lake County divorce lawyer, family lawyer Orlando, I will ask you if your marriage or relationship is salvageable. The standard in Florida divorces is whether your marriage is “irretrievably broken.”

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Divorce Issues: Family Law Attorney Clermont Florida

If you are getting a divorce in Lake County Florida, or a divorce in Orange County Florida, the issues that we may need to consider litigating are: alimony, distribution of property, child support, custody and time-sharing, parental decision authority, career sacrifices, housing arrangements, personal behaviors, social media exposure, and a host of other issues that are unique to every case. Many of these issues depend on whether you have minor children, the length of your marriage, the property you both own separately and together, the stability of your career(s), the ownership of your home (if any), and additional considerations that we may discover during our attorney-client discussions.

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As your family lawyer Orlando, and if you are located nearby, your divorce attorney Clermont Florida, we need to spend some time together in my office, or at a location convenient for both parties, discussing the facts of your case. Together we can analyze your marital situation, or parental situation and develop a plan for moving forward. Attorney Jacobs will ask you many preliminary questions designed to get a feel for your specific circumstances and case, as well as to help you understand that family law legal issues involve a great deal of discovery of information. It is important to become as comfortable and familiar as possible with your financial and personal history.

Another question both parties need to consider is whether mediation is a good option for your case?

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Lake County Florida Divorce Attorney, Divorce Attorney Clermont Florida: It Takes Two Baby

As an experienced Lake County Florida divorce attorney / divorce attorney Clermont Florida, I am sympathetic to the fact that divorce and custody disputes are tremendously difficult on spouses and children. Regrettably, dissolution of marriage and separation of parents often places a strain on bank accounts, attitudes toward family members, and on personal and professional relationships. Change(s) in relationships and lifestyles can be difficult and unexpected. Even seeing each other at mediation can be a source of stress for both parties. Child support payments including health care for minor children may be a significant consideration in this process. If there has been domestic violence in your relationship, an injunction may need to be filed. Figuring out what type and amount of alimony may be awarded is critical to the case. Short term alimony or rehabilitative alimony may be awarded by the court upon substantial presentation of evidence and attorney arguments. Other types of alimony such as durational alimony, bridge the gap alimony, permanent alimony, may be awarded upon a justifying evidentiary showing.

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It is of equal or greater importance that you do your due diligence before filing for divorce. For example, if your case involves minor children, you need to know if your case qualifies under the Florida Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act. Read here for more information, and to learn whether your case meets the Florida statutory requirements. You may also hear about a the possibility of a Guardian Ad Litem helping the parties during the proceedings. For more information on a Florida Guardian Ad Litem click here. Alternative dispute resolution also includes the possible appointment of a Florida Parenting Coordinator.

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It is important to recognize that divorce is a process that has two parties going through life modifications/changes. If you hire the Jacobs Law Firm as your Lake County Florida divorce lawyer, family law attorney Clermont Florida, family lawyer Orlando or in any of the surrounding areas such as Seminole County and Osceola County, you may rely on Attorney Jacobs throughout this process as your trusted legal counselor. It is our hope that we will develop a great rapport with you as you navigate through this difficult time in your life and that we can be a source of comfort as you go through this trying process. Remember, family law attorney Clermont Florida Jonathan Jacobs offers legal help anywhere in Lake or Orange County, which is why if you search for a divorce attorney Clermont Florida, you are likely to find us, consult with us, and ultimately work with us toward resolving your family law matters to your satisfaction. For an interesting article on divorce and social media, please read our Florida Law Blog. For more information on Florida alimony, please visit our alimony page. To learn about how domestic violence may impact child custody in Florida, read our article on our Florida Law Blog. If there is domestic violence involved, the litigants will need to file a Notice of Related Cases.

If you would like to find out about time requirements for a Florida court to grant you a divorce, click here.

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Jonathan Jacobs is a family law attorney in Orlando, Clermont, Tavares, Altamonte, Kissimmee, and all of Central Florida. If you need a same sex divorce lawyer in Orlando Florida, call us today!