Do I Need a Divorce Lawyer in Florida?

Do I Need a Divorce Lawyer in Florida

Do I Need a Divorce Lawyer in Florida?

Do I need a divorce lawyer in Florida? Great search query family law litigant! You have asked the million dollar (figuratively) question. Many people prefer to avoid hiring an attorney and to utilize all available self-help resources. However, here is a non-exhaustive list of reasons many petitioners and respondents alike hire an attorney:

  1. The other party has hired an attorney and you might feel disadvantaged without your own legal counsel;
  2. The forms are difficult to fill out and there are few people that are available to give you the instructions and the help you may need;
  3. The divorce process is a legal process, and those that know the ins and outs and procedures are lawyers;
  4. You may not know how to ask for what you want (alimony, child support, timesharing, equitable distribution of property);
  5. You may be afraid that you are asking for too much or too little in alimony or property distributions;
  6. Attorneys are skilled negotiators with a vast knowledge of the law; and the list could continue indefinitely with enough people survey respondents.

Do I Need a Divorce Lawyer in Florida? 4 Reasons Not to Hire an Attorney

Here is that question again, “do I need a divorce lawyer in Florida?” Let’s answer this question by asking why litigants might choose to not hire an attorney:

  1. Attorneys are expensive;
  2. If you hire an attorney, the other side might hire an attorney;
  3. Attorneys do not know your family (in most cases) and might not understand your unique circumstances;
  4. Attorneys may disagree with client’s actions and strategies, etc.

Divorce Lawyer in Florida

Why Hire the Jacobs Law Firm, PLLC?

Back to our original question, this time with a persuasive answer in response to: “Do I need a divorce lawyer in Florida?” If you hire the Jacobs Law Firm, PLLC we will endeavor to communicate with you every step of the way. You will be informed about your case, the procedural aspects, the financial aspects, and otherwise. We attempt to get to know our clients to the extent we can understand why you prefer certain timesharing plans based on the extensive history between the parties. We will do our level best to advocate for your preferences, be they timesharing for the best interest of your children, you property distribution according to Florida statutory and case law, and ultimately, litigate your case to the best of our professional ability and skill.

Attorney Jonathan Jacobs is a divorce lawyer in Florida that practices in the Central Florida area, including the following counties: Seminole, Orange, Lake, Osceola, Sumter, and beyond.


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