Demand Letter Attorney Orlando

Demand Letter Attorney Orlando

 As a demand letter attorney Orlando Florida, I often recommend that clients begin their case by sending a pre-lawsuit demand letter to the potential defendant. A demand letter can accomplish a great deal more than you expect. Below are five reasons from the mind of a demand letter attorney Orlando, why sending a pre-lawsuit demand letter can help resolve your case without the need for litigation or better prepare you to litigate. Call 407-335-8113 for help with your letter today.

  1. A demand letter helps your demand letter attorney put the facts of your case in chronological order. When you work closely with your attorney to figure out the details and facts of your case before filing a lawsuit, it can better prepare you in case you need to file against the defendant.
  2. A demand letter from a demand letter attorney Orlando lets the defendant(s) know that you have hired an attorney and are willing to take your legal matter to court if necessary. Sometimes people bluff and never intend to hire a legal professional to litigate a case. If you have hired an attorney, it often causes the defendant to consider settling the case before incurring legal fees and costs.
  3. A demand letter is a great way to explore the strength of your case and to collect all of your evidence before filing a lawsuit. As you provide your demand letter attorney Orlando with your documents, he may notice that your evidence is lacking or missing some crucial component, and you may find your case is better or less strong than you had thought. This could change your mindset on litigation and/or negotiating with the other side.
  4. A demand letter could save you money if it helps you settle before filing a lawsuit. Saving money helps many clients obtain a larger recovery by avoiding attorney’s fees, filing fees, and other relate court costs.
  5. As a demand letter attorney Orlando, it has been my experience that some financial relationships can be repaired with open and honest communication. As your demand letter attorney, I can be the negotiator and liaison between you and the other side when communications have broken down. This can allow the parties to come back together for their mutual benefit.

A demand letter attorney can save you money by resolving your case before a lawsuit is filed. While this strategy does not always work, if you do not communicate with the other side or attempt to resolve your differences, you may end up in a protracted and expensive lawsuit that may have been avoidable.

Jonathan Jacobs of the Jacobs Law Firm is a demand letter attorney Orlando Florida. Call today for a consultation and pricing and you might save on the costs of litigation.

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