Clermont Florida Alimony Attorney

Clermont Florida Alimony Attorney

Permanent Alimony in Florida | Clermont Florida Alimony Attorney

Permanent alimony in Florida is intended to provide the payee spouse a means to live in a similar financial manner as he/she did during the marriage. This means, by way of example, that if a man marries a heart surgeon and their standard of living is closer to what we consider to be “upper class,”  the court will likely award more alimony to the non-working spouse. There are many factors a Florida court considers in its decision to award alimony. Permanent alimony in Florida is usually awarded, if at all, following a marriage of long duration. A “long” marriage lasts for a minimum of seventeen years and continues indefinitely, until such a time as the parties dissolve their marriage. Jonathan Jacobs of the Jacobs Law Firm is a Clermont Florida alimony attorney that provides his clients with clarity and expert family law legal help. A little later in this article, we will answer the question frequently asked of our Firm, “How long is permanent alimony in Florida?” The emphasis is on the word permanent. The answer is a little less obvious than you might expect based on the plain meaning of the language. Then again, the marital vow suggests permanency as well, and marital dissolution contradicts that.

How Long is Permanent Alimony in Florida

The factors the court considers in its award of permanent alimony, include the financial abilities and portfolios of the parties (sources of income), their true need (if any) for support (depending on career training, licensures, work status), earning potential, etc. Throughout my series of articles on Florida alimony, I outline the factors the court will consider in its award of alimony in Florida.

Ultimately, the court must decide in its award of permanent alimony in Florida that no other form of alimony award is “fair and reasonable.” The court will render its decision after evaluating the lifestyles and unique circumstances of the parties involved in the marital dissolution case. Call your Clermont Florida alimony attorney today to find out about how a claim by either party for permanent alimony in Florida may affect your case.

Permanent Alimony in Florida

How Long is Permanent Alimony in Florida | Clermont Florida Alimony Attorney

How long is permanent alimony in Florida? Is it really permanent like the name suggests, or can it be terminated depending on the totality of the circumstances? Permanent alimony terminates if one of the parties is deceased, or if the recipient of permanent alimony remarries. Furthermore, to answer the question, how long is permanent alimony in Florida, there are two other exceptions and those are if there is proven to be a substantial change in circumstances, or if the recipient has formed a supportive relationship. A supportive relationship is one in which the person receiving alimony is financially benefiting from being involved in a relationship with a different party (not the payor), or if that person utilizes permanent alimony to support that other party with whom they are romantically involved. Call a Clermont Florida alimony attorney today at (407) 310-5636. The Jacobs Law Firm is here to serve you.

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