Clermont Debt Relief Attorney

Clermont Debt Relief Attorney

Clermont Debt Relief Attorney: Negotiating a Settlement with a Debt Collector

A Clermont debt relief attorney has a singular goal in mind, and that is negotiating a substantial reduction in the amount of debt you owe to a creditor. Negotiating a settlement with a debt collector may include such debts as unpaid credit card balances, overdue or unpaid medical bills, overdue or unpaid loans, etc. Being in debt is unpleasant for many reasons. Receiving letters in the mail DEMANDING payment, or harassing phone calls asking for bill payment IMMEDIATELY, can be unnerving and bothersome.  Jonathan Jacobs, Esq. is a Clermont debt relief attorney, and an Orlando debt relief lawyer, who can help his clients settle their debts with a reduction in the amount owed and in many cases, a payment plan that can make paying your debt affordable.

Orlando Debt Relief Lawyer: How Does Debt Relief Work

In some cases, debt relief can be handled on a transactional basis, meaning that your Orlando debt relief lawyer can contact opposing counsel, or the creditor’s management team, in order to negotiate a settlement. This can take the fear and panic away from many debtors that are upset over being threatened with the consequences of a failure to pay overdue bills. Moreover, attorneys generally carry a great deal of clout and command respect. This can be helpful in negotiating the best possible settlement for clients. So, how does debt relief work? In the offices of an Orlando debt relief lawyer, or in the offices of creditors, or at the courthouse if the case goes to debt mediation.

debt mediation attorney Orlando

Debt Mediation Attorney Orlando FL: What is Debt Mediation?

What is debt mediation? Let a debt mediation attorney Orlando explain. Debt mediation is the opportunity the court often grants to the litigants/parties to resolve their debt dispute before appearing before the judge. Debt mediation can be beneficial to both parties. Perhaps you have heard that many debt collectors are not the original creditors that owned your debt. Instead, debts are often sold inexpensively to professional debt collectors who then file a lawsuit against a debtor to collect.

This is why you should hire a debt mediation attorney Orlando, because the other side (creditor) almost always has an attorney present at mediation. Further, if for some reason you cannot attend mediation, and you are not excused, the creditor may seek to impose a default judgment on you and have a judge sign off on the order. The penalties of not contesting the judgment could be severe.

Clermont Debt Relief Attorney: Orlando Debt Relief Lawyer: Debt Mediation Attorney Orlando

Essentially, if you do not attend your court mediation, or hire an attorney to appear on your behalf, you could have a judgment entered against you. That judgment will be for the full amount of the debt owed, plus the other side’s attorney fees and court costs, and interest included. This is a poor outcome and one you should seek to avoid. Hire a debt mediation attorney Orlando today to protect your financial rights.

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