Clermont Alimony Attorney

Clermont Alimony Attorney

Clermont Alimony Attorney: Alimony in Clermont FL 

Writing about alimony in Orlando Florida and alimony in Clermont FL (Orange and Lake County), the court’s first factual finding is designed to tease out whether one of the parties is able to pay alimony (the payor), and if one party has a need for alimony (payee) based on the circumstances of their marriage and finances. Jonathan Jacobs is an Orlando alimony attorney, and a Clermont alimony attorney that provides in depth analysis of the parties’ financial portfolios in making factual determinations as to how much the parties may be responsible for when paying or receiving alimony in Orlando Florida or alimony in Clermont FL. Florida’s alimony Statute is 61.08 and its subsections tell us a great deal about how much the parties may be owing or receiving. Consider also the alimony factors in Orlando Florida that may be involved in the family law financial calculations. Alimony in Orlando is based on the Statute.

Alimony Factors in Orlando Florida | Orlando Alimony Attorney 

Once the court has rendered its factfinding regarding the parties’ ability to pay and/or need for alimony, the court hears arguments on various alimony factors in Orlando Florida when making its considerations. Pursuant to the Statute, one major alimony in Orlando factor the court considers is the parties’ standard of living during the time they were officially married. This means that if the wife was the proverbial breadwinner, and by virtue of her hard work and long hours on the job, the husband was able to live in a nice house, use a nice car, and have luxuries and amenities, the court may consider this factor in its award (if any) of alimony. The roles could easily be reversed if it were the husband working 50+ hours a week to provide for the family and the wife were the party benefiting. There is no one size fits all scenario, which is why there are alimony factors in Orlando Florida, and why there are factors instead of bright-line rules.

Alimony Factors in Orlando Florida

Alimony Factors in Orlando Florida: Alimony in Orlando Florida and Alimony in Clermont FL

The court will also consider the length of the marriage. In another article, I will elaborate on the duration of marriage and how it may impact the alimony amount awarded. For now, generally speaking, the court will assess the time the parties were married and categorize (based on attorney arguments and evidence presented) the alimony award to correspond with the length of the marriage. Among the other reasons marital assets are heavily scrutinized in a dissolution of marriage case, is because the court analyzes both marital and nonmarital assets in arriving at an alimony determination.

Perhaps the most interesting of Statutory alimony factors in Orlando Florida are the parties’ contributions to the marriage and earning capacities. With alimony in Orlando, the goal is of course for both parties to be self-sustaining to the extent possible, but it is interesting to learn how the parties structured their marriage to allow for one or both parties to maximize their earnings, even if that meant some measure of self-sacrifice.

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