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Divorce Attorney in Clermont Florida, and Divorce Attorney in Orlando Florida Jonathan Jacobs Provides Caring and Compassionate Family Law Attorney Help

The Jacobs Law Firm, PLLC, divorce attorney in Clermont Florida and divorce attorney in Orlando Florida, is devoted to helping our clients successfully resolve their legal problems with compassion and understanding. Attorney Jonathan Jacobs specializes in family and divorce law as well as civil litigation lawsuits. As a skilled and caring child custody lawyer Orlando, Jonathan treats all of his clients with the respect, understanding, and compassion they deserve. From the first time you meet him, Attorney Jacobs seeks to understand your unique family law an divorce issues and tough times you may be facing. Your thoughts and feelings about how to get your family life in order are major factors in how your case may be resolved. Often, there are difficult circumstances leading to the filing for divorce, or any other kind of a civil lawsuit (generally involving a breach of contract). Having the confidence and understanding that the legal help you need is on YOUR side, and knowing that you can trust your family law attorney in Orlando Florida, can make a huge difference in how you approach your divorce or family law case. Attorney Jacobs is proud to be a divorce attorney in Clermont Florida and Orlando Florida, as well as a contract attorney in Orlando Florida. Our main family law practice has now moved to beautiful Winter Park, Florida! We specialize in same sex divorce and relocation with a minor child cases. Call us to find out how we can help with your Florida prenuptial agreement today.

Divorce Attorney in Clermont Florida

As a divorce attorney in Clermont Florida, and a divorce attorney in Orlando Florida, Jonathan has the great honor of meeting with clients that want the best for their family and seek the best outcome for their case. Attorney Jacobs enjoys knowing that he helps people achieve the outcomes they need. This gives Mr. Jacobs a sense of great pride. As a family law attorney in Orlando Florida and all of Central Florida, if you would like to be treated with respect, courtesy, and compassion, call us to speak with a child custody lawyer Orlando today for your free consultation. We litigate child custody cases, child support cases, and alimony cases whether they are paternity or divorce cases.

Jonathan Jacobs is a same sex divorce lawyer in Orlando Florida.

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Family Law Attorney in Orlando Florida: Child Custody Lawyer Orlando

Attorney Jacobs is easy to talk to, listens carefully, and takes detailed notes to understand your case. He aspires to be the lawyer that you can trust. Legal help is here at the Jacobs Law Firm. Jonathan Jacobs, Divorce Attorney in Clermont Florida, and Divorce Attorney in Orlando Florida, is ready to give you a free initial consultation. Call us today at (407) 310-5636.

We often handle complex Florida relocation petitions and can help you win your case to relocate or defend against relocation.

For additional information on divorce, paternity, child support, and other issues, you may enjoy our blog articles all written by Jonathan Jacobs, family law attorney in Orlando Florida. 1. Florida child support health insurance. 2. Divorce mediation. 3. Florida parenting plan. 4. Domestic violence and its impact on child custody. 5. The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act. 6. Calculating Child Support in Florida.

Child Custody Lawyer Orlando

Florida Law Blog and Florida Alimony: Helping Our Clients Stay Ahead of the Legal Curve!

As a child custody lawyer Orlando and as a civil litigator, Jonathan is also a prolific legal writer. You may find our pages to be resources for you along your journey through the legal system. Jonathan hopes you will find the blogs to be both informative and indicative of the quality of thought and preparation that he places into every client’s legal situation.

For example, if you are interested in reading about criminal law here in Florida, please enjoy some of child custody lawyer Orlando Jonathan Jacobs’ blog posts on the following topics: 1. Marijuana possession. 2. Petit theft. 3. Burglary in Florida. 4. Filing a false police report in Florida. 5. Florida’s ban on texting while driving.

Attorney Jacobs has also authored a variety of fascinating articles in response to commonly asked legal questions. Here are the links to his articles on Florida alimony. 1. Will I have to pay my husband alimony in Florida? 2. Permanent alimony in Florida. 3. Durational alimony in Florida. 4. Rehabilitative alimony in Clermont and Orlando. 5. Short term Alimony in Florida. 6. Florida bridge-the-gap alimony. 7. Alimony pendente lite. 8. Alimony factors and considerations. But wait, these eight articles barely scratch the surface. Jonathan writes new blog articles every week to keep his clients informed. Do not miss out, read Florida Law Blog today! If you would like to find out about time requirements for a Florida court to grant you a divorce, click here.

Contract Attorney in Orlando Florida

Attorney Jonathan Jacobs is also a contract attorney in Orlando Florida, that also accepts clients in Clermont, Kissimmee, Taveras and Altamonte Springs. Practicing multiple areas of civil litigationand contract law adds a great deal of breadth and depth to Jonathan’s law practice. Meeting people that need his help because they have suffered financial or physical damages allows Attorney Jacobs to utilize his expert legal skills to help them win their cases. For more information about Family Law , Criminal Defense, and Civil Litigation call Jonathan today.

Civil litigation in Central Florida  includes Personal Injury lawsuits, Landlord-Tenant cases, Estate and probate cases, small claims disputes, breach of contract cases, and county and civil circuit court lawsuits for damages.

Family Law Attorney in Clermont Florida

Should you have an issue with wrongful termination from your job, learn more about wrongful termination in Florida, and what right to work state Florida means. Knowing this information can be helpful in deciding whether to pursue your case in the courts.

Florida Divorce FAQ

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Divorce Attorney in Orlando Florida

Need an Attorney in Clermont or an Attorney in Orlando? Do not wait until your case is headed to court. Contact us immediately for your FREE Initial Consultation to get the legal help you need. Speak with Attorney Jacobs today by calling (407) 310-5636, or contact us directly. It is our pleasure to help with your legal issues.

Divorce Attorney in Clermont Florida, Divorce Attorney in Orlando

My name is Jonathan Jacobs and it is my honor to be a Florida Bar licensed Attorney. As an Attorney, I have the unique and wonderful opportunity to devote my expertise to people in need of legal help. My legal services often include traveling to on behalf of clients to resolve their legal issues in different courts and venues. All clients have unique legal problems that may be impacting their lives. That is the reason I devote a great deal of attention and care to/for my clients’ cases. As your trusted legal adviser, I want to know your whole story, from the beginning, to determine what your legal rights and remedies may be.

The Jacobs Law Firm also handles domestic violence cases in Orlando and Clermont. For more information on domestic violence in Florida and how to protect yourself and get the help you need, please read our blogs. 1. Domestic violence injunction hearings in Florida. 2. Injunctions in Orlando and Clermont.

The Mission of the Jacobs Law Firm

Being an attorney in Clermont Florida and an attorney in Orlando and representing clients is one of the greatest privileges I have ever enjoyed. As a legal professional I have the ability to help the injured, the downtrodden, the oppressed, and those that have been victimized. Helping people is a great privilege, and one that I hold with the deepest respect.

The legal system is complicated. It can be difficult if you do not know where to go, how to fill out legal documents, or even who to ask for help. That is why the Jacobs Law Firm works tirelessly on every client’s case. We are always available to answer any questions you may have, and Attorney Jonathan Jacobs will give your case his undivided attention. Protecting your rights is the mission of this law firm.

I would like to invite you to explore all of our legal practice areas: Family Law, Personal Injury Law, Criminal Defense Law, Estate Law (Wills and Trusts), Eviction, Landlord-Tenant Law, and Civil Litigation.

As a contract attorney in Orlando Florida, Civil litigation covers a lot of ground. For instance, cancelling a Florida timeshareFlorida small claims court, unlawful detainer, and debt relief are areas of law in which civil litigation often occurs.

Often, when there are potential dangers to the minor children, the attorneys will request, and the court will appoint a Florida Guardian Ad Litem. The Jacobs Law Firm is ready to help you win your case and ensure you are supported in the most compassionate and professional manner.

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You may message us online at any time for a FREE Initial Consultation, e-mail us at Jonathan@JJLawFL.com, or call us at (407) 310-5636. Attorney Jacobs is proud to practice several areas of law, but mostly, is proud to be a divorce attorney in Clermont Florida and a divorce attorney in Orlando Florida.

WELCOME to the Jacobs Law Firm located in both Clermont Florida and Winter Park Florida. We welcome you to choose us to be your family law attorney in Orlando Florida. We look forward to working with you on resolving your legal issues to your satisfaction.

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